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We are all preoccupied with our sexual life, we are in constant learning of new methods to gain more and more satisfaction. The sexual satisfaction is that important, that in its absence we can experience some serious problems.
And the more We have the more We want, this is the nature of the mankind!
In this desire stands the frustration of not achieving what We want.
Statistically speaking 98% of men desire a bigger penis and more than 90% experience some form of erectile dysfunction.

Companies are trying to sell you “sexual enhancers” such as Viagra and other “penis enlargement pills”.
You are “pounded to submission” with new information every day, some may give you miraculous treatments : there is no miracle in gaining penis enlargement, it is just hard work, perseverance and applying the suitable method for each and everyone of you.

We have researched for you all the aspects: the problems men and women encounter, the methods to solve them, how to achieve penis enlargement, who to ask for help.
This information is accurate, free and gives you a healthy perspective in choosing the suitable method.
Try to get a glimpse of what this could bring: a healthy and satisfying sexual life.
If you are determined to achieve penis enlargement these are the options:

1. Exercise Programs
This method is based on performing some exercises that expand your penile chambers larger, increasing penis size. The exercise programs actually enlarge and strengthen your sexual organs through circulation and tissue building exercises, performed by hand.

The effectiveness of this method has been tested and it had excellent results; it’s proved to be the most efficient. It is a sure thing that You cannot achieve penis enlargement without performing exercises for your penis and testicles.

2. Enlargement Devices / Traction Devices
Penis traction’s basic principle is that when stress is applied to a specific body part over a sustained period of time, that region will gradually grow new cells, including tissue cells, and in doing so, will expand in size and volume. In order to achieve best results, penis traction devices are worn for an average 6 hours each day over a period of at least 3 months. Through this method penis enlargement can be achieved, being validated by specialists.

3. Pills and Patches
A pill alone won’t get your penis bigger. Herbal products can help you get an erection and a healthier sexual life, but they won’t miraculously get your penis bigger. Combined with natural exercises for penis enlargement pills can help, if in their composition are the right components, accelerating the process.

Below we present three of the less safer methods. These methods can lead to permanent damages to your penis. Accordingly to clinical researches they proved to bring only frustration and useless expenses and in worst cases even impotence or permanent damage to the penis.

1. Surgery
If you choose to go with this method the first thing you need to know is that is very expensive. Also it has a low rate of success and it cames with complications such as impotence, deformed looking penis, loss of sex drive, painful erections if any at all, horrible scarring, hideous appearance of penis, lumps & pits, poor circulation to penis & testicles, and damage to the very intricate network of nerves throughout the penis. Penis enlargement surgery is a dreadful, painful and dangerous operation and it does nothing for penile strength, health or abilities like the ones given to you by the exercise programs.

2. Pumps
Pumps are used to force the blood into your penis and force it to grow.

Beware! This can injure your penis and it can have horrible effects such as bursts and bleeding, loss of feeling, blotches, and if misused, total impotence.

We don’t recommend this method in achieving penis enlargement.

A pump can injure your penis easier than it can permanently enlarge your penis, simply because it’s forced vacuum power, not gentle stimulation exercise.

3. Weights
This is a painful and risky method and it is not recommended if you value your penis.

Weight hanging can stretch out the penis longer through years of practice, but it won’t thichen it and it does nothing for penis health, strength and ability. Weights can cut off the circulation to the penis and surrounding areas, creating marks and serious lesions on the penis. Weights could also damage the nerves in the penis and cause permanent impotence. Weight hanging can cause poor penile health, weaker erections and lessened ability and use of your manhood.

On the next pages we’ll go into detail on how exactly each method can help you experience some really impressive penile enlargement and erection strenghtening results.

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